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When we are elected, we will open the Riksdag's gates to the public. Each individual citizen will be able to choose to actively step in and participate in specific issues or when wishes to change political representative, without having to involuntarily sit with Svarte Petter for four years. The idea is that everyone should have the opportunity to change party and representative every day or vote on the issues, suggestions and ideas that can come directly from yourself or any other citizen.

We in the Direct Democrats want to strengthen the direct democratic tools.

Politics is in constant motion and both voting and politicians can change their footing in specific issues or entire policy areas. Whether it is a politician or self that changes opinion, a democratic system must ensure that political decisions always reflect the actual views of the people. We want to ensure this by giving the opportunity to withdraw their vote, even after the election, and then, by themselves or through someone else, vote on specific issues.

We want to strengthen the political influence and the people's voice in the debate, give the people the opportunity to make proposals and participate and vote on the political decisions in the EU, the Riksdag, the county council and the municipality through a system we call floating democracy.


We believe that the time is now ripe to develop an in-depth democracy. As a complement to the current system, every adult should have the opportunity to vote on important societal issues themselves, without having to take the detour via a political party. In other words, a form of direct democracy. This can be developed in several different ways, including with the help of the internet.

Nobody knows everything, but every person has a lot to contribute through their experiences. For example, by being a student, parent, employee, job seeker, self -employed person, patient, tenant, resident of an elderly home or treatment center, relative of a sick or disabled. Decisions will be so much better if those affected by them are allowed to join early in the process. Participation also makes people more involved in what we have in common and the basis for a living democracy is our own commitment.

Lack of participation involves a waste of resources, economic as well as human, unless people's knowledge and experience are utilized by listening and allowing them to participate in preparation and decisions. With direct democracy as a complement to the representative system, we will be able to take advantage of the collective intelligence. It gives both better decisions and more democracy.


If we are elected, we will hold referendums on specific issues. Partly the issues that the municipality decides on and also issues raised directly by citizens. The idea is that everyone should be allowed to vote on the issues they themselves know and are affected by, or vote for suggestions and ideas that come directly from yourself or any other citizen.

The polls are made on the Internet and in the so -called Democracy Center, which can be, for example, a library or other public environment provided by municipalities.

Our representatives in the Riksdag then vote as the people voted. In this way, ordinary citizens get an opportunity to influence more directly compared to the ordinary parties who do not ask their voters what they think in individual issues. We believe this provides a vibrant and active democracy in which the people are participants and not just spectators of political life.

I don't have time to vote in all questions

No, who has it? The direct Democrats have solved that problem. You just need to vote for the questions you want. In all other questions you can give your vote to one of the usual parties. The great thing is that you can take back your vote at any time and vote yourself if you are interested in that particular question. You don't have to wait until the next election. We call this fluent democracy.

Democracy means verbatim "folk government", and the first section in Sweden's constitution, the form of government says "all power should be based on the people". We want to take that law seriously, and introduce universal voting rights for individual issues as well. It is the issues that really affect the society we live in. It is through issues that ideologies become reality, no matter what ideology you prefer.

It is important to point out that the Democrats do not have any ideology themselves. We will never make our own decisions without asking you first. It is entirely your views that govern our policy. Or rather - we vote as you vote.

The direct Democrats want to implement direct democracy in ordinary representative democracy. That is, we do not want to remove the ordinary politicians, but we want there to be the opportunity for individuals and interest organizations to influence the decisions as well. We believe that there are better ways for the people to influence politics even between the traditional party.

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